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Special Programs

Bellingham Fitness offers a number services and amenities for your comfort, convenience & well-being. Our goal is to make each visit to our facility a pleasurable one.

Youth Programs

It’s never too early to get fit and to develop healthy habits. We can be a part of your child’s education. Our children’s programs acquaint kids with the tenets of good health and fitness. They will learn games, sports, and fitness activities here which can stay with them for a lifetime. And best of all … it’s a lot of fun!

Senior Programs

Lower impact doesn’t mean lower benefits! We offer fitness programs and classes specifically designed for seniors that can meet your needs through reduced impact activities. Our programs will help seniors improve cardiovascular health, flexibility, strength, stamina, balance and coordination. Men and women of all skill levels are encouraged to participate. Stay healthy and fit with us while making some new friends.

Child Care/Nursery

You can maintain the fitness regimen a parent especially needs, and we’ll take care of your children. We offer a safe, bright and spacious area for your children to play while you work out. Our child care area is staffed with trained personnel, and an atmosphere that promotes health, fitness and fun.

Fitness Evaluation

A general health assessment and fitness evaluation is offered to all of our members. A fitness evaluation determines the level of the five health-related fitness components which are body composition, flexibility, muscular strength and endurance, and aerobic capacity. Fitness improvement and maintenance is a key to longevity and quality of life. It is critical to understand your level of fitness before starting an exercise program.

Nutrition Counseling

Exercise is not always enough! If you need help with weight loss, high blood pressure or cholesterol or managing your diabetes, see one of our registered dieticians. Our staff is available to counsel you on ways to meet your nutritional needs and health goals. We offer education and counseling about healthy eating, preventive nutrition and lifestyle choices. Contact us to schedule a consultation so that we can assess your current nutritional status.

Personal Training

You don't have to be a seasoned athlete or bodybuilder to enjoy the benefits of a personal trainer. Personal training benefits both the person who has never worked out as well as professional athletes. Having a personal trainer can save you a lot of time, frustration and pain in your journey to achieve your health and fitness goals. Working one-on-one with our staff of certified, professional personal trainers will provide you with a highly efficient and more productive workout.

Summer Camps

Ask about our special summer programs for children. Nourish their interests in athletics and fitness by giving them a summer’s worth of training by expert instructors and use of the newest equipment. Your kids can celebrate fitness and fun with our summer programs. Our programs offer both indoor and outdoor activities.

Performance Training

Achieve the highest in sports performance enhancement with our club's approach to athlete preparation. Our highly qualified staff ensures success through state-of-the-art training equipment and programs. Our training programs also offer education in performance training. If you need to increase your endurance, speed, agility, power or body control when it comes to sports performance, our performance training is for you.


1st month of unlimited tanning is only $9.99! We have 10 conventional beds open to members and non-members. We also have medium pressure beds that are the best tanning value in town for only $19.99!


Please Contact Us if you have any questions about our services or would like to know about other services that may not be listed here.


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